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Ixitxachitl are a race of intelligent, aquatic beings that resemble small manta rays with barbed tails. They have an evil disposition and worship evil powers; they love to hunt marine humanoids, and then sacrifice or devour their catch. Ixitxachitl is both singular and plural; it is properly pronounced ish-it-SHACH-itl, though many refer to them as icks-it-ZACH-it-ul or even icks-it-zuh-chit-ul.

Ixitixachitls is also the name of our D&D group. We are more or less regularly playing D&D since 1993 and since about that time work in the Dungeon Master Assistant started. It first started as a C/C++ project but unfortunately we had to restart everything after a severe harddisk crash, of course without really useful backups.

After some time without continuation of the project we finally decided to restart the project, this time using Java as the programming language. For this reason the tool was also renamed to jDMA.

The tool uses icons from GLYPHICONS used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
For printing we use the Deja Vu fonts.