DMA - Feats


NameWorldsShort Descriptoion
AcrobaticGeneric+2 bonus on Jump and Tumble checks
AgileGeneric+2 bonus on Balance and Escape Artist checks
AlertnessGeneric+2 bonus on Listen and Spot checks
Animal AffinityGeneric+2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks
Armor ProficiencyGenericNo armor check penalty on attack rolls
AthleticGeneric+2 bonus on Climb and Swim checks
Augment SummoningGenericSummoned creatures gain +4 Str, +4 Con
Awesome BlowGenericTake -4 for attack and deliver an awesome blow, Ref DC damage dealt or be knowck flying 10 ft and prone.
Blind-FightGenericReroll miss chance for concealment
Brew PotionGenericCreate magic potions
CleaveGenericExtra melee attack after dropping target
Combat CastingGeneric+4 bonus on Concentration checks for defensive casting
Combat ExpertiseGenericTrade attack bonus for AC (max 5 points)
Combat ReflexesGenericAdditional attacks of opportunity (+Dex bonus)
Craft Magic Arms And ArmorGenericCreate magic weapons, armor, and shields
Craft RodGenericCreate magic rods
Craft StaffGenericCreate magic staffs
Craft WandGenericCreate magic wands
Craft Wondrous ItemGenericCreate magic wondrous items
DeceitfulGeneric+2 bonus on Disguise and Forgery checks
Deflect ArrowsGenericDeflect one ranged attack per round
Deft HandsGeneric+2 bonus on Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks
DiehardGenericRemain conscious at –1 to –9 hp
DiligentGeneric+2 bonus on Appraise and Decipher Script checks
DisciplineForgotten RealmsGain +2 on Will saves and \Skill{Concentration} checks.
DodgeGeneric+1 dodge bonus to AC against selected target
Empower SpellGenericIncrease spell’s variable, numeric effects by 50%
EnduranceGeneric+4 to checks involving endurance; can sleep in light or medium armor.
Endurance FeatGeneric+4 bonus on checks or saves to resist nonlethal damage
Enlarge SpellGenericDouble spell’s range
Eschew MaterialsGenericCast spells without material components
Exotic Weapon ProficiencyGenericNo penalty on attacks with specific exotic weapon
Extend SpellGenericDouble spell’s duration
Extra TurningGenericCan turn or rebuke 4 more times per day
Far ShotGenericIncrease range increment by 50% or 100%
Flyby AttackGenericTake a standard action during a move.
Forge RingGenericCreate magic rings
Great CleaveGenericNo limit to cleave attacks each round
Great FortitudeGeneric+2 bonus on Fortitude saves
Greater Spell FocusGeneric+1 bonus on save DCs against specific school of magic ($name).
Greater Spell PenetrationGeneric+4 to caster level checks to defeat spell resistance
Greater Two-Weapon FightingGenericGain third off-hand attack
Greater Weapon FocusGeneric+2 bonus on attack rolls with selected weapon
Greater Weapon SpecializationGeneric+4 bonus on damage rolls with selected weapon
Heavy Armor ProficiencyGenericNo armor check penalty on attack rolls
Heighten SpellGenericCast spells as higher level
HoverGenericCan halt in midair (no win attack, attack with all appendages, use breath weapon or spells, create buffeting wind).
Improved Bull RushGeneric+4 bonus on bull rush attempts; no attack of opportunity
Improved CounterspellGenericCounterspell with spell of same school
Improved CriticalGenericDouble threat range of weapon
Improved DisarmGeneric+4 bonus on disarm attempts; no attack of opportunity