DMA - Levels


NameWorldsShort Descriptoion
BarbarianGenericA brave, even reckless warrior.
BardGenericA diplomat, negotiators, messenger, scout, or spy.
ClericGenericAn intermediary between the gods and the world.
DruidGenericOne with the nature.
ExpertGenericExperts operate as craftsfolk and professionals in the world.
FighterGenericA professional combatant.
MonkGenericA monk cares primarily for the perfection of her art and, thereby, her personal perfection.
PaladinGenericA pure and devoted warrior.
RangerGenericA skilled hunter and stalker.
RogueGenericA thief, trickster, scout, infiltrator, spy, diplomat or thug.
SorcererGenericA magic user with inborn talent.
WizardGenericA master or the arcane arts.