DMA - Monsters


NameWorldsShort Descriptoion
AbolethGenericA revolting, fishlike amphibian found primarily in subterranean rivers and lakes.
AchaieraiGenericA massive, 15-foot-tall flightless bird.
Air ElementalGeneric
Bat SwarmGenericA swarm of bats.
Black DragonGenericA black color chromatic dragon favoring acid.
Blk4 of KiaransaleeGenericDummy
Chm5 of KiaransaleeGenericDummy
Chromatic DragonThe evil branch of dragonkind.
Clr12 of KiriansaleeForgotten RealmsDummy monster for character class.
Clr15 of KiriansaleeForgotten RealmsDummy monster until character levels are supported
Dev4 of KiriansaleeDummy replacement for character classes.
Dire EelGenericA large version of a normal eel.
Dire WolfGenericA large and vicious version of a wolf.
DraeglothForgotten RealmsA half-fiend between \Monster{drow} and \Monster{demon}.
DragonGenericA winged, reptilelike creature of ancient lineage.
DwarfGenericNoble warriors that excel at metalcraft, stoneworking, and war.
Earth ElementalGeneric
Elder Air ElementalGeneric
Elder Earth ElementalGeneric
Elder Fire ElementalGeneric
Elder Water ElementalGeneric
ElementalGenericAn incarnation of an element.
ElfGenericAloof guardians of the forests, studying magic and swordplay for the duration of their long lives. Elves average 5 feet tall and typically weigh just over 100 pounds. They live on fruits and grains, though they
Familiar 10thGenericFamiliar placeholder.
Fiendish CreatureGeneric
Fiendish Creature 1-3GenericFiendish creature for 1-3 HD base.
Fiendish Creature 12+GenericFiendish creature for 12+ HD base.
Fiendish Creature 4-7GenericFiendish creature for 4-7 HD base.
Fiendish Creature 8-11GenericFiendish creature for 8-11 HD base.
Fire ElementalGeneric
Ftr 7GenericDummy.
Ftr15GenericDummy monster.
Ftr4GenericDummy monster
Giant CrayfishGenericA giant version of a natural crayfish
Giant WaspGenericA giant version of a common wasp.
GnollGenericA hyena-headed, evil humanoid that wander in loose tribes.
GnomeGenericGnomes are inveterate explorers, tricksters, and inventors
GoblinGenericSmall humanoids with an evil disposition.
GolemGenericA magically created automaton.
Half-ElfGenericA mixture between human and elf.
HalflingGenericCunning, resourceful survivors and opportunists.
Heavy Horse
Heavy WarhorseGenericA heavy horse trained for fighting.
Hie3 of KiaransaleeGenericDummy
HobgoblinGenericThe larger cousins of goblins.
HorseGenericA domesticated beast of burden.